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  St. Paul Grace and Myself

In feel that I have some affinity

With the apostle Paul, who blasphemer

Persecutor of the church and schemer

Even murderer, was saved by God's grace

On the Damascus road, the Trinity


Of God, His Spirit in Christ Jesus' face

For sure I am no Paul, but I've been told

As rank blasphemer, look for grace, be bold,

Don't give up hope. And I thought of Paul

Won for Christ by him alone, all sins' trace


Though there were many, made to be like snow,

Washed (strange image) in the Lord's forgiving

Blood. Focus on Pauls' passionate grieving

For his former state, grasp of all God's grace,


Be far proclaimed. Think humbly of your place

In this the world of God, and realise

All you can do, for hope of Christ's dear prize,

Remember grace, be found upon life's road.

For your own witness there is time and space.


Pray for a new, calm spirit, Christ's abode!


Currently these pictures are not available for sale, as they are to be displayed at exhibitions in Italy and Moscow in September. (They will be available for sale in October, subject to enquiries.)