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Travels with My Wife
Poems for 1999-2000
by Robert Coulson


Swinbrook Halt

Winding through the narrow village street
Of Swinbrook on one sunny April day,
We stopped where road and River Windrush meet
At the pub - the Bridge? - waiting on our way.

One half-pint, which was all we could afford,
We took onto the bridge, from which we gazed
At the stream sliding along. This we stored
In feelgood memory (however phrased),

With burbling current from the drop gate site,
And quitely reassuring nearby slopes
Of cultivated lowland hills that write
Their part in this land's look, dear to my hopes.

The sun on water and the cricket field
Ready for season, ball's throw from the bridge,
Mean more to me than who next power will wield,
Countryside colour than election pledge.

Robert Coulson April 1997